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DIP-5-Window mannequin

Fashionable display abstract mannequin:


2)Material: FRP

More details

Abstract Mannequins have become very popular and offer a blank canvas for photographers to use as a silouhette for an exhibition. We describe Abstract Mannequins as having a one single colour with either some or detailed facial features. This should not be confused with 'Eggheads' or 'Faceless' Mannequins, which have no facial features whatsoever.

They are made from Fiber-glass Reinforced plastic FRP, various colors are available for your choice.The mannequins with head can be also madein headless.To be inspected each details during production until packing in house, We normally provide calf and foot fitting, round termpered glass base or meteal base. Packing way, bubble wrap over eachlimb and torso in a heavy cardboard cartons.